Zelonia Williams

Zelonia Williams

Serial Business Owner

Zelonia is a multi-passionate entrepreneur who believes life is meant to be lived with purpose, and lots of I am beautiful breaks.

Zelonia is the owner and style designer at Celebrations Unlimited Events. She is also the owner of Future Minds Literacy and Adult Education, Inc. (Savannah/Effingham). Zelonia is also the owner and strategist at Patches Custom Embroidery Works and The Push Theory.

Beyond the Logo: Building Brand and Community in Modern Marketing

Flannery O'Connor Room

In the digital age, where consumer engagement and loyalty are more coveted than ever, the essence of branding has evolved far beyond the logo. “Beyond the Logo: Building Brand and Community in Modern Marketing” is a comprehensive panel that delves into the transformative strategies top brands are employing to foster deep connections and build vibrant […]