Victoria Saxton

Victoria Saxton

Victoria Saxton, President & CEO, Small Business Assistance Corporation

Victoria Saxton is the newly appointed President and CEO of the Small Business Assistance Corporation (SBAC). In her role, she develops and designs programs to assist in economic development activities for businesses and entrepreneurs. She has 15 years of work experience in accounting that she uses professionally and in volunteer roles. She was an award recipient for Georgia Trend’s 40 under 40 9n 2023.

Women in Breakout Roles

Main Stage / Ballroom

In the contemporary landscape, women are increasingly stepping into pivotal roles that redefine industries, challenge stereotypes, and inspire change. The panel discussion on “Breaking Boundaries” brings together accomplished women from diverse fields to share their journeys, insights, and strategies for success in breakout roles. Panelists, representing fields ranging from construction and sports to the arts […]