Tim O’Sako

Tim O’Sako

CEO of Covenant Technology Group

Tim O’Sako is the Chief Executive Officer of Covenant Technology Group. His areas of expertise and responsibilities lie predominantly within Information Technology and Business Development. Tim has performed these tasks in multiple industries and organizations of varying sizes and his specialties include Strategic Planning – Management & IT, server architecture, mergers and acquisitions, and corporate and personal investments.

Learn more about Tim O’Sako here as we gear up to hear from him during the Exit Panel.

7 Figure Exits: Selling your Business for Multiple Millions

Studio Theater

Did you know that we’ve had MULTIPLE Savannah Startups sell businesses for 7-8 figures in the last 2 years. Yup, from idea to sale of their business for multiple millions of dollars. What does it take to grow a company to that point? How do you prepare it for sale? And how do you find […]