Teri Yarbrow

Teri Yarbrow

Owner and Creative Director of Magika and Magika VRx Professor of Digital Media and Immersive Reality

Teri Yarbrow, MS, MFA, Professor of Immersive Reality at Savannah College of Art and Design, and President of MagikaVRx, an Immersive Media Company.  

Yarbrow is the President of MagikaVRx, an immersive media company that creates transformative experiences for end-of-life and palliative care.  MagikaVRx implements immersive therapy for children and adults, providing therapy for pain management, distraction therapy, anxiety reduction and quality of life. Educating, organizing, and training students and volunteers.

As a professor at SCAD, Yarbrow helped to create the Immersive Reality degree program, one of the first AR/VR/XR BFA programs in the country.  Savannah College of Art and Design, (SCAD), is a recognized leader in immersive media, interactive design, game development and advanced digital media.  Yarbrow created the Immersive Therapy – VR for Good Project and joined forces with Dr. Kathleen Benton of HospiceSavannah, a leading non-profit medical facility known for innovation and being a leader in the South.   The Immersive Therapy – VR for Good Project has been underway for 3 years.  The project has been funded by a grant from the Davis Foundation, Projects for Peace. She’s been a featured speaker presenting “Transforming the Palliative and End-of-Life Experience with VR” at vMed22, a prestigious virtual reality medical conference at Cedar Sinai in Los Angeles and she will return to vMed23 to discuss the results of a current research study with palliative care. Yarbrow traveled to Rotterdam for Europe’s Immersive Tech Week conference where she was a featured panelist and her work with Hospice Savannah and SCAD was nominated by the Oscars of immersive, The VR Awards 2022, in the category of VR for Social Impact Award.

Prior to her work with VR, Yarbrow has always been a cutting-edge artist and designer. She is an Emmy and Broadcast Design Association Award-winning Creative Director, Conceptual Designer and Producer for television, new media, and location-based entertainment projects. Co-Founder and President of Magika, a Los Angeles based digital design company. She is a member of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and an award winning and internationally exhibited media and digital artist.