Sydney Newsome

Sydney Newsome

Entrepreneur and Founder of Syd Nichole Fashion and Flowers

Meet Sydney, the visionary behind Syd Nichole. With a dual degree in fashion design and entrepreneurship from Central Michigan University, Sydney’s passion for fashion runs deep. Her journey led her to the prestigious Paris American Academy in France, where she honed the art of couture sewing. Then, under the guidance of Christian Siriano, she refined her craft further.

In 2018, she launched the Syd Nichole. Sydney specializes in experiential retail. With this in mind, Syd Nichole is the perfect fusion of a fashion boutique and flower experience. Syd Nichole offers a curated selection of fashion and fresh-cut flowers for any occasion. You can also become a designer at one of Syd Nichole’s workshops. At a workshop, you can create a unique flower arrangement, flower crown, floral disco ball, hat, and so much more.

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