Steve Curran

Steve Curran

Founder Khaki Consulting, LLC

Steve Curran is the Founder and Managing Partner of Khaki Consulting, a leadership development agency. He is a retired US Navy Chief (Hooyah), a former multi-site Pastor, a certified GiANT guide, a Working Genius facilitator and a self confessed leadership junkie.

He is an encouraging and dynamic leader who is on a mission to unlock the leadership potential of every organization and individual in the Low Country. He believes there is a vacuum of leadership in our world, but the world doesn’t need more leaders, it needs better leaders. Using visually impactful and highly practical tools he helps leaders fight for the highest possible good of those they have the privilege of leading.

Steve strives to live by this mantra, “If you share your strengths and success you create competitors, but if you share your struggles and challenges you create compatriots. And I don’t need any more competitors.” He blends military leadership principles, inspiring stories, empowering guidance and honest feedback to illuminate the path for each individual to bring their unique superpower to their family, team, and organization.

Steve’s leadership journey boasts remarkable achievements including being twice selected as the Command Sailor of the Year, earning a Masters Degree in Christian Leadership from Liberty University, being interviewed on Yugoslavian television, and even taking on pirates off the coast of Somalia. Beyond the podium, Steve enjoys having adventures with his family, volunteering at the local High School and culinary exploration.

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