Shawn Woods

Shawn Woods

Owner of Lewoo Equity Partners

As an accomplished entrepreneur with several successful ventures under his belt, Shawn A. Woods knows that you must be prepared to navigate an unpredictable business landscape to achieve and maintain success.

He learned that lesson around the same time as many during the financial crash of 2008. At that time, Shawn owned a profitable residential mortgage loan company and was prepping to expand into commercial real estate. But before that expansion could take hold, the market crashed. Shawn was left to reinvent himself with the understanding that predictability is a myth.

Today, Shawn owns and operates a film production equipment rental company as well as the largest minority-owned fuel distribution company, servicing the film industry. Highly sought after for his experience behind the scenes. He was invited to become an advisor in a budding film studio located in historic West End Atlanta where he later became the Studio Director of the West End Production Park (WEPP). Currently, Shawn is a Transportation Coordinator for Tyler Perry Studios. Overseeing all aspects of transportation for various tv and film productions.

As a leader in a networking community of small business owners, Shawn speaks monthly on a range of topics that include accessing capital and business marketing and development. Shawn’s passion is educating, so it isn’t difficult to pour into an audience of underserved, small, minority business owners that often don’t have the resources or support to operate successful businesses.