Robert Price

Robert Price

Owner of Elite Minds, LLC

Robert Price is the owner of Elite Minds, LLC, a mental performance consulting service that promotes professionals to exceed their potential in every field of human endeavor. This is accomplished through proven mental skill techniques that will lead the athlete to more consistent performances even in the face of adversity. We understand how to get the brain and body working together as a team. Robert W.H. Price founded Elite Minds in 2000 as a graduate student and has created successful inroads for hundreds of clients. He is an expert in applying specific mental skills and techniques that cultivate the mental and emotional strength necessary to thrive in an era of overwhelming demands and persistent conflict.

Elite Minds in the past two decades has worked with a wide variety of clients in various settings. We’ve improved performance with Soldiers, NBA, NFL, USL, PGA, NCAA athletes, junior golf, gymnasts, hockey players, lacrosse, ice skating, field hockey, track, and many other recreational athletes.

Their most recent work has been with United States Army, United States Air Force, Sea Pines Resort Wellness Retreats, TEST Sports Clubs, TEST Football Academy, Athletes Edge, Chicago Bears, New York Giants, New Jersey Nets, Performance Lacrosse, Montgomery County Department of Recreation, Contributing Television Guest on Capitol Golf Weekly, Advanced Spine and Wellness Center, and Expert Guest on the John Thompson and Rick ‘Doc’ Walker Radio show on ESPN 980. Specifically, Mr. Price has been employed as a Sport Psychology Consultant for Career Consultants, Inc. and Pro Sports Consultants, LLC.

Robert Price has received Master’s degrees from both University of Maryland in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Sport Psychology and Johns Hopkins University in Clinical Community Counseling. Mr. Price also holds a bachelor’s degree from Hampton University, where he majored in Psychology and Learning Behavior Disorders. He played college football at the University of Pittsburgh prior to transferring to Hampton University.

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