Robert Gadd

Robert Gadd

Cofounder and President of OnPoint Digital

Robert Gadd is Cofounder and President of OnPoint Digital and responsible for the company’s vision and strategy. OnPoint’s online and mobile-enabled offerings support more than two million knowledge workers and include innovative methods for content authoring, conversion and delivery extended with social interactions, gamification and enterprise-grade security for workers on virtually device. Prior to OnPoint, Mr. Gadd spent ten years as Chief Technology Officer of Datatec Systems (Nasdaq DATC) and President/CTO of spin-off and in leadership at several other tech-related companies. Mr. Gadd is a frequent speaker on corporate development solutions spanning mobile apps, informal learning, big data and gamification at national and international conferences. Outside of tech interests, Mr. Gadd is a sustainability advocate who has started and invested in small companies seeking to improve our environment.

Using Apple’s Vision Pro for Spatial Computing in Work & Learning Environments

James Simms Room

The recent introduction of Apple’s Vision Pro spatial computer heralds a new era of mixed reality for work and play. Workshop attendees will get to see the Apple Vision Pro device in action with previews of the device’s core features and use cases for productivity, communications and entertainment. Attendees will see how mobile apps and […]