Pote Baby

Pote Baby

Partner, Club Hous Works

Pote Baby is a Savannah, born and raised creative and a partner in Club Hous Works. His love for music started early, listening to the most prominent artists of the early 2000s, from Justin Timberlake and N.E.R.D to Ludacris and Nelly. His creative vision is to bridge the gap between Savannah and the global entertainment world by opening up recording studios, live performance venues, art spaces, and movie theatres in his hometown and bringing brands to his city through partnerships.

His music has amassed over 7 million streams across platforms and is regarded as a great show of his creativity and versatility by Pigeons & Planes and other outlets. He’s also landed him on festival lineups such as Day N Vegas Festival and A3C Festival and on tour with Earthgang in 2022.

Gettin’ On: The Intersection of Music, Media, and Tech

Ben Tucker Theater

Zach Dennis, of Savannah Morning News, hosts a fireside chat with Pote Baby, Bryan J Noel, and Donny Slater of Club Hous Works. The trio speak on how they are building their indie multimedia company, breaking into the entertainment industry, and where they see the future of music technology heading.

All Tracks Keynote Session