Phillip Scroggin

Phillip Scroggin

Entrepreneur, Growth Marketer, Podcast Host

Phillip Scroggin is the founder and Managing Director at Sol Insights, a growth marketing firm centered on everyday businesses.

Phillip is a Certified Marketing Professional with the American Marketing Association and is also the host of the weekly business podcast: Good Morning, Market.

Building the Workforce of the Future

Flannery O'Connor Room

In a post-pandemic economy where labor talent is tight and technology is pervasive, employers are overwhelmed. How are leaders to build, train, and lead workforces capable of tackling tomorrow’s projects? Join us for a riveting discussion on Gen Z, AI, regional development, and much more as our workforce development panel designs “the workforce of the […]


The Profit Minority Report: Forecasting Your Best Future Customers

Main Stage / Ballroom

If your business could identify its most profitable customers for the next several years would you treat those customers differently? Join strategic marketing consultant Phillip Scroggin on a crash course of the principles and tactics in identifying, acquiring, and developing customers based on their projected profitability. See how the leading brands in the world are […]