Patt Gunn

Patt Gunn

Founder and CEO of Underground Tours of Savannah

My ‘soulcraft’ is ‘truth-telling’. As the 2022 Policy Fellow for the National Truth Telling Project, I tell Master Gullah’ Geechee stories of the African American journey from slavery to freedom to create 21st-century victories in social justice issues.

I am CEO of Underground Tours of Savannah, The Savannah Gallery on Slavery and Healing, Podcast host of Da’ Geeche God Mama, and the Co-Founder of The Center for Jubilee, Reconciliation, and Healing, a nonprofit grassroots public policy agency on the Savannah Coast.

In 2020, my Center launched a citywide campaign, ‘The Coalition to Rename Calhoun Square’ to request that the City of Savannah ‘Rename Calhoun Square’ to a brand new square in honor of Susie King Taylor. The Square was set for a final vote of approval in September 2022 and the removal of John C. Calhoun’s name was approved. Our coalition is still working hard to have the first square named in honor of a woman and the first ‘Woman Of Color’ ever honored in a public Savannah square.

Annually, for the past five years my Gullah’ Geechee folk artist group, ‘The Saltwata Players’ opens the Juneteenth Wade-In Celebration at Tybee Island as a tool for truth and healing at the Atlantic Ocean. My group’s musical genres are Negro Spirituals and Civil Rights freedom songs. On December 21, annually, The Center for Jubilee hosts weeklong commemorations; marking the day the Enslaved were freed in downtown Savannah. 

My 21st-century philosophy is to always walk ‘circumspect’ and aim to bring value to any circumstance; never take value away from anything you touch!

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