Murem Sharpe, MBA

Murem Sharpe, MBA

CEO & Founder, StrategyRx

Murem Sharpe is a Savannah, Georgia-based business founder and experienced corporate executive delivering business and technology consulting for client companies in healthtech and medtech in U.S. and international markets. As CEO and Founder of the StrategyRx consultancy, Murem enables innovators in medicine and healthcare to finance and market breakthrough products and services. Her executive roles have included serving as the Founding Chief Marketing Executive (CMO) for OXOS Medical, the inventor of the Micro C, the world’s first handheld, dynamic digital radiographic instrument, and Revenue Growth Partner with TechCXO, a leader in the arena of executives-on-demand.

Murem also serves in leadership positions with government and nonprofit organizations in the fields of healthcare innovation and policy making, technology entrepreneurship, and academic advancement. In the field of women’s heart health, she is a Mayo Clinic-trained advocate and educator with WomenHeart, the national resource for women with or at risk for heart disease and a TED speaker.

Murem is a consumer advocate member of the Chatham County Board of Health, appointed by the Chatham County Commission. At over 300,000 residents, the county is the 5th largest of Georgia’s 159 counties.

As a Cornell alumna, Murem is a Lifetime Member of the Cornell University Council, having served as founding Vice Chair of the President’s Council of Cornell Women and the Chair of the Advisory Council for Entrepreneurship at Cornell program. She earned a B.A. in Government as a General Motors Scholar from Cornell University and an M.B.A. in Strategy and Marketing from the Yale University School of Management.

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