Mike Morgan

Mike Morgan

CEO Really-Virtual

Hands-on experience and leadership in product development, marketing strategies and sales activities. Use of proven and creative sales and marketing tactics to win greenfield accounts and emerging product sales. Innovative solutions architect able to work with developers and engineers; adept at demonstrating value to front-line managers; experienced at creating/conducting executive presentations for C-Suite. Experience with software development (Unity, C#, Firebase, Node.js, VBA) and Agile processes reducing the technical gap between engineers and end-users. MBA from Washington State University and Graduate Marketing Certificate.

The Metaverse & Web3 in the Real World

Ben Tucker Theater

The Metaverse, XR, VR, Augmented Reality, Web3, Blockchain. This panel aims to demystify these technologies by sharing examples of how companies are using these tools in real-world applications, beyond gaming, today. Hear from experts working within healthcare, logistics, manufacturing, and education.