Michelle Stenson

Michelle Stenson

Executive Council Agent, New York Life Insurance Company

Michelle Stenson, a Texan Native, started her career in the Mortgage Financial World after completing and earning a bachelor’s degree in business administration at the University of Texas. For 15 years she worked in all aspects of the life of a mortgage loan. From intake to Processing, to Underwriting and Loan closing. Finding her main joy working with investors in the Secondary Market, and Mortgage Closings Departments. Having managed and trained teams to execute and balance mortgage sheets up to 9 billion Dollars. In 2019 she shifted her focus to the Life and Financial Advisement industry. Finding a new home with New York Life. In her first year in 2019 she quickly grew in this new market becoming Rookie of the Year. Currently serving as a Registered Executive Agent with New York Life. She found a new joy in working one-on-one with families and business owners, planting a foundation to future financial freedoms, and planting Legacies in her community. Michelle currently sits as the chair to the New York Life Savannah’s office “Volunteer for Good Foundation” and volunteers as an Ambassador to the Savannah Chamber and was accepted into the class of 2024 Leadership of Savannah. Chairs as President of her daughter’s School Council and Vice-President of the PTA. Auction Chair 2022-2023 Dining in the Dark for The Savannah Center for the Blind and Low Vision which earned over 40K. Is named 2024 Chair of Dining in the Dark. Michelle has contributed countless hours to working alongside those in the community with a focus on the needs of children, and financial Education and has Fundraised and sponsored endeavors throughout the community to achieve this mission. She accomplishes all this and more as a single mother to a graduating senior class of 2024, keeping her Main focus of excellence and integrity in tack with her ability to demystify complex financial concepts and created personalized strategies, guiding individuals to see that building a Legacy starts with empowering them and their families to secure their financial well-being.


2019 Career Life Producer Award

2019 Rookie of the Year

2019 Career Life Success Award

2019 Current Class Case Rate Leader

2020 Career Life Achiever Award

2020-2021 Executive Council Agent

2021 Stride Award for Amazing Work in the Community

2021 Life Stars, Individual Life Award

2020 Life Stars, Individual Life Award

2022 “Waiters for Wishes” Make a Wish Foundation

2023 Dining In the Dark Auction Chair

2024 Leadership Savannah

2024-2025 Vice President Elect for The Junior League of Savannah