Meredith Stone

Meredith Stone

Architectural Designer | GMSHAY Realtor ® | Vantosh Realty

Meredith Stone was born and raised in Savannah, GA. She received her Masters of Architecture degree from Hampton University. She was the STEM coordinator for the non-profit organization of Girl’s Inc. in Hampton, VA.  where she built lesson plans, taught and exposed over 500 girls and boys to architecture and other STEM subjects. She worked for Hampton University’s radio station 88.1 WHOV. She also helped execute Hampton University’s Architecture Barbie, a program sponsored by HU’s Architecture Department geared towards exposing young women to the male-dominated fields of architecture and engineering. As a student designer, she also worked in partnership with the Jefferson Lab in designing a new building for a particle accelerator. She also worked as part of the first program of its type in the country as a student designer in creating the blueprint on how to tackle inevitable sea level rise in Norfolk, VA without damaging the integrity of the community which later resulted in Virginia winning a $120.5 million dollar grant to combat sea level rise. By the age of 21, she started her own business doing property management, consulting, and design. She managed over a dozen rental properties which generated over a quarter-million dollars in revenue yearly for owners.

She remains very passionate about giving back to her community. She also served as Volunteer Coordinator for the STEM program “Camp Explore ” which partnered the Board of Education with local businesses, community organizations, and individuals to teach elementary school students subjects ranging from computer coding to urban planning. She is a public speaker and Vice President of Public Relations for Hostess City Toastmaster’s.

Meredith is a passionate designer and continues to work for 7+ years as a Design Associate for Savannah’s leading firm for community and environmentally sustainable driven design, Gunn Meyerhoff Shay Architects in Savannah, GA. She has been a designer for housing, hospitality, commercial, civic, educational, mixed use, and urban developments throughout Savannah. She has worked on many notable projects including managing the construction of the Savannah Cultural Arts Center, The Alida Hotel, Adams Funeral Services, the River Street East Development, and others. She was appointed to the Mayor’s Affordable Housing Task Force and also actively serves on Chatham County’s Zoning Board of Appeals. She is very passionate about her firm’s work and continues to devote herself to the firm’s mission of “Building a Better Savannah.” She also works as Realtor for Vantosh Realty, specializing in residential, commercial, and land development deals.

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