Matthew Mottola

Matthew Mottola

CEO of The Human Cloud

Matthew Mottola is a leading voice and entrepreneur building the Human Cloud.

For 10+ years he’s helped leaders embrace digital first, remote first, and freelance first talent models across enterprise environments. He’s helped 100+ enterprises hire freelancers at scale, spoken across 75+ international stages, been nominated a top 50 remote work expert to follow, and featured in Forbes and Fortune to name a few.

A couple highlights:

  • Published #1 International New Release The Human Cloud with HarperCollins.
  • Founded Venture L, a venture backed SaaS platform that helped freelancers go from individual contributors to micro-agencies.
  • Led the Microsoft 365 freelance toolkit, a tech stack enabling enterprises to scale freelance programs over $100m.

In Matthew’s words: “My career looks like a dog chasing his own tail. I freelance, I help enterprises hire freelancers, I build software that connects the two. Literally thats it, and I’ve been fortunate to see how the best companies in the world scale their workforces strategically through freelancers and freelance programs.

You can find his weekly insights through the Human Cloud newsletter, podcast, or his Forbes Contributor Post. If you want to get along immediately, mention his dog Luca or his hometown scholarship the Newburyport Community Award.

Check out his website at