Matt Mahany

Matt Mahany

Producer, Alienworx Productions

With over 17 years immersed in the film and TV entertainment industries, Matt Mahany’s journey has been nothing short of cinematic. Beginning as a Production Assistant, he navigated through various roles before finding his niche in the property department. From indie gems and low-budget projects to reality TV and the world’s #1 grossing franchises, Matt has left his mark on projects for major studios including Marvel, Disney, Paramount, Fox, AMC, and The Food Network.

Today, Matt channels his expertise as a producer for Alienworx Productions. Proficient in creative development, budgeting, and the intricacies of both pre- and post-production, he finds his stride in collaborative endeavors with diverse teams. His unwavering commitment lies in joining forces with like-minded creatives to bring imaginative visions to life.

Reel Futures: Navigating the Landscape of Growth in Film and Entertainment

Main Stage / Ballroom

Explore the strategies, innovations, and collaborations shaping the future growth of the film and entertainment industry. Industry leaders, creatives, and educators will discuss emerging trends and the educational initiatives supporting a thriving workforce in this dynamic field.