Lou Thomann

Lou Thomann

Owner, Yaupon Wellness Company

Lou Thomann never expected to find himself advocating the health benefits of a Native American medicinal plant in historic Savannah, GA. But looking back, when Yaupon came into his life, it was serendipitous.

Lou was an ex-rice trader and historic building restorer in Savannah, GA, and partner in Judge Realty company in Savannah, Ga.

As a young boy in New England, Lou was passionate about native cultures. He remembers reading Native American stories that had been passed down for generations. Many years later, when Lou discovered the Yaupon tree and its story, his long-dormant passion was reignited and the Yaupon mission was born. Lou has become a Yaupon expert. Lou passionately believes that Yaupon will become an important medicinal plant once again.

His wife hails from a small farm community in Illinois. Her grandmother was a mentor and an entrepreneurial pioneer. Lou and his wife then built a mission-based realty company that is a major patron of the local art community in Savannah.