Kristen Ravenel – old

Kristen Ravenel – old

Chief Operating Officer of Ubicept

Kristen Ravenel is the Chief Operating Officer of Ubicept, a software development company with a focus on machine vision and machine learning, launched in 2021. The company’s goal is to shape “the next generation of perception and computer vision to make the world a safer, better-understood place.” The technology achieves this by coalescing next-generation image sensors and advanced computer vision algorithms to create an exceptional camera.


Ubicept is a company focused on revolutionizing how machines perceive the world by combining next-generation image sensors with advanced computer vision algorithms.


The company’s research has appeared in top academic journals and conferences. Collectively, the company strives to bring groundbreaking developments to market with its growing portfolio of industry partners.

To learn more about Kristen, check out our recent article on her on our Creative Coast website. For more information about Ubicept and the cool things they have ahead, visit their official website