Kristen Ravenel

Kristen Ravenel

Autonomous Production Manager

Kristen focuses on solving systems problems that bridge community needs and technical solutions. Kristen is a production manager at Hyundai Mobis in Ellabell, GA, where she is leading the start-up of several highly automated battery production lines. She is a previous start-up COO and was awarded the MIT SDM Award for Leadership, Innovation, and Systems Thinking, the highest level of recognition awarded by Massachusetts Institute of Technology System Design and Management. Kristen is a former Visiting Lecturer at Cornell University and a strong advocate for problem-focused, people-first design.

Sweaty Startups: The Fusion of Tech and Traditional Trades

Flannery O'Connor Room

In the ever-evolving landscape of entrepreneurship, a new wave of innovation is emerging at the intersection of technology and traditional trades. The panel discussion on “Sweaty Startups” brings together pioneers, tech disruptors, and skilled tradespeople to explore the dynamic fusion of technology and hands-on expertise, creating a synergy that reshapes traditional industries. Panelists will share […]