Kewaan Drayton

Kewaan Drayton

Civic Entrepreneur

Kewaan Drayton is a Savannah native who focuses on civic entrepreneurship. He passionately seeks and seizes opportunities that directly benefit his community. In 2022, he earned the Entrepreneur of the Year title from the Savannah Chamber of Commerce. Kewaan co-owns Red Eye Film Productions, The Savannah Underground, Rip-N-Runners, LLC, and is a business partner at Mailbox Cafe.

Future-Proofing Main Street: Innovations in Retail/Restaurants

Flannery O'Connor Room

In the ever-evolving landscape of Main Street, the retail and restaurant sectors stand at a critical juncture. The “Future-proofing Main Street: Innovations in Retail and Restaurants” panel is an insightful forum designed to explore the cutting-edge strategies and technologies that businesses are adopting to thrive in the face of changing consumer behaviors, economic shifts, and […]