Katie Rodgers-Hubbard

Katie Rodgers-Hubbard

Founder of Lite Foot Company

Katie Rodgers-Hubbard moved to Savannah in July of 2020. Having lived in Germany, a country that’s quite advanced in its sustainability endeavors, and then conversely, small towns in the U.S.A., where a recycle bin was nowhere in sight, Katie began asking questions that she learned through her prior career in Higher Education Administration. Questions like—What can I do to educate people on the need for shopping sustainable? What programs, events or curriculum can I develop that will tackle such a complex issue? This spark and these questions eventually became Lite Foot Company, a sustainable home goods store and refillery. Her goal is to help the community of Savannah reduce its carbon footprint but reduce plastic and needless packaging. What started out as a pop-up store, quickly moved into a mobile refillery truck and now most recently has turned into a brick and mortar. store.  Katie is also in the works of starting Lite Foot Environmental Foundation, a 501(c)(3), dedicated to implementing community programs to further make an impact on this community’s carbon footprint. 

The Eco-Friendly Business

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Transform your Business, Save the Planet You can’t turn on a television, listen to the radio, or open a newspaper/magazine in print or digital, without hearing about Climate Change. Global warming is causing a climate crisis that is already having dire consequences on our planet: extreme weather events, expanded wildfire seasons, the bleaching of the […]