Juwan Platt

Juwan Platt

Program Manager at Latimer House

Juwan Platt is a seasoned sales and marketing consultant with a remarkable six-year track record in the startup ecosystem, particularly excelling at the intersection of Sales, Marketing, and Design. His unique blend of analytical prowess and creative insight allows him to navigate seamlessly between the business and creative realms, making him a valuable asset for startups looking to scale effectively.

During his tenure at PadSplit, the nation’s largest co-living marketplace, Juwan played a pivotal role as the first marketing hire, joining the team during the Pre-Seed stage and contributing until Series B. In his role, he executed full-lifecycle marketing strategies for both the supply and demand sides of the marketplace while helping them secure their Series B financing.

Currently, Juwan is channeling his expertise into the creation of Latimer House. Latimer House’s 8-week intensive program is designed to empower Black and Latinx founders, providing them with the tools and guidance needed to reach their next growth stage, whether that involves securing funding or landing their first enterprise customer. Collaborating with Luke Cooper of Latimer Ventures, Juwan is actively shaping a program beyond conventional accelerators, focusing on underrepresented entrepreneurs and fostering an inclusive environment for their success.

Juwan Platt’s journey reflects a commitment to excellence in sales and marketing and a dedication to fostering diversity and inclusivity within the startup landscape. His ability to seamlessly blend business acumen with creative vision positions him as a valuable judge for evaluating startups at various stages of development.