Jim Goodlet

Jim Goodlet

Board Director, Angel Investor, CEO, CTO and Chief Information Architect

With for-profit Boards and Angel investing, experience extends to advising on technology usage as a strategic weapon, market positioning, and leveraging changes in development processes for quicker time to market products. This includes utilizing agile/SCRUM development workflow for faster time to market productization! Board seats have included companies that have had successful exits like IngeniusMed, Best Medical, and Vendormate.

For community Boards including education and non-profits, skill sets include helping teams and leadership in terms of acting strategic with the right tool and technology aides, meeting target markets, putting in business processes that ensure longevity AND speed, while at the same time focusing on furthering the mission of the organizations. Previous and current Board seats include cBETA, Savannah Country Day School, GSU College of Engineering and IT, REELsavannah, and currently Chair, Board of Directors and funding the 55yr old Savannah Science Seminar program.

Specialties: Strategic Planning, Business and Partner Development, Competitive Analysis, Management of Software Development and Implementation Life-Cycle (including use of SCRUM/timeboxing, SCM tools, support systems and business processes thereof), leveraging Sales CRM applications, Process Re-Engineering, Technology Infrastructure Planning, Training (including eLearning) and Support Services, Bringing Innovative Products and Services to Market, Partnership Development, and Customer Acquisition!


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