Jenna Barzaga

Jenna Barzaga

Commercial and Residential Real Estate Agent

Jenna quickly fell in love with the charm and evolution of Savannah’s buildings and spaces while attending Georgia Southern University. After a career in music therapy, working with hospice patients and developmental disabilities, she made a transition to a new career at SCAD. The exposure to construction management and elevated design led her to various roles in new home production, remodeling, design, and sales.

Jenna specializes in residential re-development and creatively reimagining spaces. She demonstrates a tenacious work ethic and possesses both the emotional intelligence and professional poise that is critical to be successful in this field. Her background in music therapy contributes to her empathetic approach with clients, while her construction experience gives her valuable insights into property assessments and renovation possibilities. She is in constant communication with her clients and contractors as they go through the process. Her time spent working in the trades provides her with an edge and guarantees successful results. Jenna’s projects range from commercial retailers, banks, dorms, multi-family properties, and both new and remodeled homes.

As a Realtor, Jenna has embraced the multi-faceted industry, gaining experience in property investment, market analysis, new home sales, and commercial and residential development. Jenna has helped businesses expand to Savannah, finding warehousing, office, and residential spaces. In addition, her role in construction helps homebuyers and sellers assess and calculate home improvements.

Jenna is actively involved in her community, supporting and working with several local organizations such as Citizens Advocacy and Habitat for Humanity. She is the current Membership Chair and President-Elect for the National Association of Women in Construction, Coastal Georgia, and received the President’s Award in 2023.

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