Jay Thompson

Jay Thompson

Founder & CEO of Xcel Strategies, Inc.

Xcel is a Mentoring Network for young people ages 15-25. The organization was founded in 2012 by Jay Thompson, a youth pastor in Savannah, GA. The majority of Xcel students have lost parental oversight through death, divorce, abuse, incarceration or neglect.

Jay was inspired by the love of his mother and adoptive father who gave him opportunities for education and work. His desire is to give young people the same opportunities that his parents offered him.

Xcel exists to Fuel Young People With Purpose and passion to reach the fullness of their potential through a network of wise, seasoned, and trained mentors. They are preparing the next generation of leaders in families, in the Workforce and as mentors in their community.

Mentor training prepares students in Life Skills, Job Skills and Trade Skills to equip them for jobs that can provide for their family’s needs. Xcel advises in the areas of Goal Setting, Time Management, Relationships, Financial Stewardship, Health & Fitness and Relational Intelligence.

Two years ago Xcel launched Mobile Training Units in the areas of construction, electrical, plumbing, HVAC and automotive trades. The mobile units now allow Xcel to go wherever the road takes them to train in skilled trades and propel students into jobs that will support their families and fulfill their dreams.

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