Greg Kolovich, MD, MPH

Greg Kolovich, MD, MPH

Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer of OXOS Medical

Dr. Kolovich graduated magna cum laude with an Electrical Engineering degree from Georgia Tech and then also graduated magna cum laude from Ohio State University Medical School. He stayed on at Ohio State to complete his orthopedic surgery residency and then completed his fellowship at Harvard University, where he focused on Hand and Microsurgery. Kolovich launched himself into the burgeoning mobile telemedicine field in 2016 with the invention of the world’s first handheld X-ray device and has since founded OXOS Medical Corporation in Atlanta, Georgia. In addition to running OXOS Medical, Kolovich is an active orthopedic hand and microsurgeon in Savannah, Georgia and served as the elected president of the Georgia Hand Society. He has authored dozens of peer reviewed orthopedic papers, given hundreds of talks on orthopedic and medical device matters, and has numerous US issued patents in the medical device space.

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Flannery O'Connor Room

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