Erik Reagan

Erik Reagan

Entrepreneur, Speaker, Coach

Erik Reagan is a Savannah-native entrepreneur, speaker, and coach. After spending more than a decade building the award-winning branding agency Focus Lab, Erik now helps business owners, entrepreneurs, and leaders think differently about what work can be.

With his new business, Built on Purpose, Erik specializes in building cultures and teams, guiding clients to rediscover their professional purpose, and showing them that it’s possible to nourish their work and home lives equally, in a way that allows both to flourish.

Creating a Healthy Workplace on Purpose

Flannery O'Connor Room

Work culture is evolving, and for good reason: Research shows us that people want and need healthier workplaces. Places where psychological safety is a priority. Where the culture is thriving. Where people and teams do better work because their environment is better. So what does it take to build a healthy workplace like this? And […]