Dwayne Stephens

Dwayne Stephens

Built Environment Consultant

Dwayne is the Program Director at the Creative Coast for the Idea Accelerator Bootcamp and is a budding serial entrepreneur. At the age of 28, Dwayne started his entrepreneurial journey as the Owner & Operator of a retail business in Savannah’s Historic Landmark District. He has since launched another venture as a Built Environment Consultant where he advises companies and everyday people alike on how to navigate building projects. Additionally, he is part-owner of a small tech venture. To date, Dwayne has amassed 10+ years of entrepreneurial experience and is committed to continuously contributing a positive impact to building the ecosystems in the communities where he resides.

To learn more about Dwayne, check out his latest ‘Reality of Entrepreneurship’ with Creative Coast here.

Black-Owned Business Builders

Ben Tucker Theater

Systemic inequities have long plagued black small business owners and entrepreneurs. Black-owned businesses are still 20 percent less likely than white-owned businesses to obtain a loan from a large bank. And black founders raised just about 0.43% of the nearly $43 billion deployed in Q3 of 2022. COVID only exacerbated things with more black-owned businesses […]