Dr. Jamal Lawrence, MD

Dr. Jamal Lawrence, MD

Physician, Community Leader, Health Equity Advocate

Dr. Jamal Lawrence, MD is a double board-certified Family Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine Physician Leader. Recognized nationally as a 40 under 40 Leader in Minority Health and a Health Equity Achieved through Lifestyle Medicine Scholar, he is also the founder of Harvest Health MD, Savannah, Georgia’s first black-owned and only male-owned and operated direct primary care practice. During his training, Dr. Lawrence became concerned with the conflict between the level of care his patients needed and the unrealistic expectations the current healthcare system places on doctors while taking care of their patients in limited settings – Harvest Health MD seeks to provide high-quality, personalized, transparent, and cost-effective care to small businesses who traditionally do not have the resources to provide employees with the healthcare experience that every person deserves.

The Future of Healthcare

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At some point, everyone will have an experience with the healthcare system. Many of these interactions will be life-altering. The current healthcare experience is like a black box, riddled with high costs, unclear expenditures, impersonal care, inflexibility, and hurdles that prevent the average person from getting the care they need when they need it. Many […]

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