Donny Slater

Donny Slater

Partner, Club Hous Works

Donny has been developing an arsenal of skills as a creative entrepreneur. He started his career as a music video director and photographer, which led him to become a film producer and graphic designer for artists and labels like Wiz Khalifa, Epic Records, Lil Yachty, Sony, and 21 Savage. After working on countless projects, he founded a marketing agency with two partners that quickly scaled to over a dozen full-time employees that bolstered a roster of clients such as that bolstered clients such as ForbesBooks, Spotify, Ryder, and Emory University.

In 2019 he founded the multimedia company Club Hous Works and started managing artist Pote Baby. Once Pote Baby became a partner in the company, they quickly scaled the business through a partnership with technology Soundcloud. Donny is now working to build out the label services of Club Hous Music for their entire roster of artists and building admin tools for music execs through their tech company, Rollout.

The Future of Entertainment is Georgia

Main Stage / Ballroom

Georgia stands at the forefront of the entertainment revolution, marking its territory across film, music, and gaming with remarkable growth and boundless potential. The “The Future of Entertainment is Georgia” panel is designed to showcase this dynamic progression, featuring a diverse array of industry titans—from music producers and gaming innovators to key players in film […]