David (dj) Johnson

David (dj) Johnson

CEO and Creative Director of Undertone FX

David Johnson is the award-winning founder, CEO, and Creative Director of Undertone FX, a studio specializing in real-time visual effects for video games and VR/AR.

Previously David was the Lead Visual Effects Artist at Activision/Blizzard’s Infinity Ward Studio, creator of the Call of Duty Franchise, having worked there for 10 years.  David has 25 years of computer graphics experience, of which 22 have been dedicated to video games and 15 specialized toward effects.  David has shipped 30+ video games and has contributed to some of the largest names in video game history including the Call of Duty and Halo franchises.  The combined revenue of games David has worked on exceeds 3 Billion dollars and has broken multiple records for units sold and revenue.

David has been the recipient of two VES awards in the Real Time Category (a distinction only two people in the world have achieved). David is an active VES member, is a member of their awards committee, and served a two-year term on their Board of Directors. David is a Fellow of the VES, allowing him to use the suffix VES, one of less than 40 people in the world with this distinction. David is a published author, having contributed to the books “Introduction to Game Development” and the “VES Handbook for Visual Effects”. David is a regular speaker at universities and conferences including Siggraph, Gnomon, and the Game Developers Conference and Universities. David is on the advisory board for VFX Voice magazine and occasionally writes guest columns for the magazine. David is a co-founder of RealTimeVFX.com and the associated Facebook group and Discord Channels.

To learn more about David, visit UndertoneFX.com

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