Charlie Brazil

Charlie Brazil

Regional Manager at Historic Tours of America

Charlie Brazil is the Regional Director of Historic Tours of America which is the parent company of a variety of heritage tour and attraction products including (in Savannah), Old Town Trolley Tours of Savannah and the American Prohibition Museum.  He has been with HTA for nearly 25 years and came into the industry completely by accident after having successfully completed law school and passing the California bar exam only to learn that he did not care for actually working as an attorney.  Despite the unplanned nature of his arrival, his journey in the tourism industry has been a wonderfully diverse and challenging one and has allowed him to work on a variety of projects and initiatives as well as intense engagement with the community he has called home since 2003, Savannah, Georgia.  He currently serves on the Tourism Advisory Committee, which advises Savannah’s Mayor and City Council on tourism related issues and trends and works with members of the residential community to find solutions to assure the greatest level of symbiosis between residential quality of life and the visitor experience is achieved.  ‘

He also serves on the Tourism Leadership Council and is a past Chairman of Visit Savannah, a board member of the Downtown Business Association and the Savannah Development and Renewal Authority as well as other task forces and boards that help him achieve his mission of being part of the solution for any opportunity for improvement that is presented.  Always in search of balance, he also strives for great work/life stasis and is blessed to have a wonderful wife and teenage son who both provide lots of happiness and challenges to navigate on the home front.  An avid traveler, fitness enthusiast, music and theater lover and appreciator of all things involving nature and wilderness, he believes he is blessed beyond measure and commensurately appreciative.

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