Carolyn Crewe

Carolyn Crewe

CEO, Best Kind Price Consulting

Early on in her entrepreneurial career Carolyn made some pricing mistakes and quickly realized there was nowhere to go for pricing help. She didn’t think about it then, but that was the catalyst for her pricing education. She knew that pricing was THE thing she could control to boost revenue, but it was a black box. So, she took what she already knew from her MBA and lived business experience, and then read as many pricing books as she could, and did pricing courses at places like MIT – all to fix her own pricing problem. Now, nearly 10 years later, as a pricing coach and advisor, she has become kind of obsessed with helping founders price confidently by helping them gain clarity on the value they offer and how to use pricing as a tool to supercharge revenue.

Pricing for Startups

James Simms Room

What if you could supercharge revenue by confidently creating pricing tiers that reflect exactly what customers want? At the end of this workshop, you’ll understand why/how a tiered pricing structure helps you capture more revenue, have a framework for how to create winning pricing tiers, and feel confident applying these concepts to your business.