Bryan J Noel

Bryan J Noel

Partner, Club Hous Works

From a recording studio in his friend’s basement from middle and high school, Bryan has always been passionate about building environments where artists/leaders can perform at their optimal performance. Bryan has served as a management consultant focused on brand and process with experience informing go-to-market plans, early-stage company growth strategies, and global brand creative executions. He’s specialized in frameworks and implementation strategies that are not consultant-dependent but realize the full potential of organizational leadership and teams. He’s partnered with more than 50 organizations, including the RIP-IT Sports American Cancer Society, Ogilvy and Mather, SoundCloud, Goodwill, and Blue Cross Blue Shield, to design strategic recommendations that meet organizational objectives.
He is the head of Club Hous Media and works with his team to develop and launch engaging podcasts, video content series, and branded content. As a partner of Club Hous Works, Bryan oversees operations and finance for all verticals.

Gettin’ On: The Intersection of Music, Media, and Tech

Ben Tucker Theater

Zach Dennis, of Savannah Morning News, hosts a fireside chat with Pote Baby, Bryan J Noel, and Donny Slater of Club Hous Works. The trio speak on how they are building their indie multimedia company, breaking into the entertainment industry, and where they see the future of music technology heading.

All Tracks Keynote Session