Alton Brecker

Alton Brecker

CEO of Bar Bubbly Savannah


Alton Brecker is the Owner and Creator of Bar Bubbly, a local Champagne Bar that serves up bubbly and comfort to locals and tourists alike. Prior to becoming a restaurateur, Brecker worked in the high-end men’s clothing business for 35 years and owned an antique mall in town. Throughout his professional business ventures, Alton continues to showcase a passion for exceptional service and experiences.

Food For Thought Restaurant Panel

Ben Tucker Theater

It was already difficult enough for restaurants to survive in a tough economy. The post-pandemic fallout has affected every facet of owning a restaurant. From a changing labor pool to costs to shrinking profit margins: how do they do it? And more importantly, with stress levels and an all-time high, why do they stay in […]