What The Human Cloud Means For The Future Of Work

Ben Tucker Theater

Catalyzed by Covid, the freelance economy is rapidly becoming the default way for top talent and top companies to work. According to HBR, 90% of leaders are prioritizing freelancers, while according to Statista over half the US workforce will be freelancing by 2027. Which is why in 2021 the freelance economy became a $5.4 trillion dollar market with two public companies and 200+ marketplaces providing companies flexible solutions to access the growing freelance market.

But how are companies taking advantage of this inevitable workforce transformation?

Matthew will walk us through how leading brands like Airbus have used the freelance workforce to invent the airplane of the future. He’ll show us how Microsoft scaled access to freelancers across the organization. And he’ll teach us how chaotic environments like today spell opportunity for leaders that can think outside the full time employment model and towards a globally distributed network of talent.

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