The Future of Healthcare

Main Stage / Ballroom

At some point, everyone will have an experience with the healthcare system. Many of these interactions will be life-altering. The current healthcare experience is like a black box, riddled with high costs, unclear expenditures, impersonal care, inflexibility, and hurdles that prevent the average person from getting the care they need when they need it. Many of these issues occur because of how we currently pay for healthcare. Direct primary care (DPC) is an innovative membership-based model of health care that is solving the small business health benefits problem. Experiencing rapid growth on both a local and national scale DPC is positioned to be the standard of the future health care experience for small and medium-size businesses.

In this keynote presentation, we will look at a case study of how a local doctor has used this model to transform the healthcare experience of small business owners, nonprofit organizations, his current patients, and his community by providing exceptional value, in a proven model, at an affordable price.

Keynote Session