The Future of Entertainment is Georgia

Main Stage / Ballroom

Georgia stands at the forefront of the entertainment revolution, marking its territory across film, music, and gaming with remarkable growth and boundless potential. The “The Future of Entertainment is Georgia” panel is designed to showcase this dynamic progression, featuring a diverse array of industry titans—from music producers and gaming innovators to key players in film production. These experts will share their firsthand experiences and insights into how Georgia has become a beacon of entertainment innovation.

The state’s thriving entertainment sector is no mere happenstance; it’s the result of strategic positioning, lucrative tax incentives, and a vibrant cultural and technological ecosystem that fosters creativity and collaboration. This panel will explore the myriad ways in which Georgia’s unique landscape has been a catalyst for its entertainment industry’s success. From Atlanta’s film production studios and gaming development hubs to the historic music scenes of cities like Savannah, speakers will delve into the synergistic relationship between these areas and their collective impact on the local and global stage.

Discussions will also navigate through the challenges and future opportunities within Georgia’s entertainment sphere. Panelists will address key issues such as navigating the competitive landscape of global entertainment, ensuring diversity and inclusivity within creative projects, and harnessing emerging technologies like streaming platforms, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence that are reshaping content creation and consumption.

Attendees can expect a comprehensive exploration of why Georgia is not only a current leader in the entertainment industry but also poised for continued success. This panel will illuminate the strategies and innovations driving Georgia’s entertainment sectors, offering attendees a glimpse into the exciting future of film, music, and gaming in the Peach State. Join us for an engaging discussion that celebrates Georgia’s achievements and looks ahead to its bright future in entertainment.