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AI & The Creator: Friend or Foe 

Health Tech Horizons: AI & New Frontiers in Medicine

Mindset Mastery: Balancing Drive & Wellbeing in Entrepreneurship

Sweaty Startups: The Fusion of Tech and Traditional Trades

Unzipped: The Future of Fashion Exposed

Women in Breakout Roles

AI & The Creator: Friend or Foe Panel Discussion

In the ever-evolving landscape of artificial intelligence (AI), the relationship between technology and human creativity is undergoing a paradigm shift. The panel discussion on “AI & The Creator: Friend or Foe” serves as a compelling exploration into the intricate dynamics between AI and the creative process, offering insights into the challenges, opportunities, and ethical considerations that arise at this intersection.

As AI continues to advance, it has begun to play an increasingly prominent role in creative industries, influencing fields such as art, music, literature, and design. The panel brings together a diverse group of experts, including AI researchers, artists, ethicists, and industry leaders, to navigate the multifaceted impact of AI on human creativity.

Panelists will delve into how AI is currently augmenting and challenging the creative process. They will discuss real-world applications, showcasing instances where AI has become a collaborator, a source of inspiration, or even a provocateur challenging traditional notions of artistic expression. From AI-generated art and music to collaborative storytelling, the panel will illuminate the exciting possibilities and potential disruptions.

The discussion will extend beyond the realm of creative output to address the broader implications for society. Ethical considerations, such as bias in algorithms, intellectual property, and the potential displacement of certain creative roles, will be thoroughly examined. The panel will navigate the delicate balance between the assistance AI provides and the preservation of the unique human touch in creative endeavors.

Audience engagement will be a pivotal aspect of the discussion, with opportunities for attendees to pose questions and contribute to the dialogue. As we stand at the crossroads of AI and creativity, this panel aims to foster a nuanced understanding of the complex relationship between technology and the creative spirit.

Join us for “AI & The Creator: Friend or Foe” to gain a deeper appreciation for the symbiotic dance between AI and human creativity, exploring how these two forces can coalesce to shape the future of artistic expression and innovation. Be part of the conversation that defines the boundaries and possibilities of this transformative relationship.

Panel Moderator: Lisa Kanda

Panelists: Bud Johnson, Nadia Osman, and Jerry Joe Seltzer

Health Tech Horizons: AI & New Frontiers in Medicine Panel Discussion

In the era of unprecedented technological advancement, the intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) and medicine is propelling healthcare into uncharted territories. The “Health Tech Horizons: AI & New Frontiers in Medicine” panel discussion brings together visionary leaders at the forefront of this transformation to explore the profound implications, challenges, and opportunities that AI presents in reshaping the landscape of healthcare.

Esteemed panelists from diverse backgrounds, including healthcare, technology, ethics, and research, will engage in a dynamic conversation to dissect the current state and future potential of AI in medicine. The discussion will kick off with an exploration of the latest breakthroughs, examining how AI is accelerating the pace of innovation in diagnostics, treatment planning, and patient care.

The ethical dimensions of AI in healthcare will be a central theme, addressing questions around privacy, data security, and the responsible use of AI algorithms. Panelists will share their perspectives on striking the right balance between leveraging AI’s capabilities for improved medical outcomes and ensuring the ethical considerations are adequately addressed.

The panel will also delve into the practical applications of AI in real-world medical settings. Case studies and success stories will illustrate how AI-driven technologies are enhancing clinical decision-making, enabling personalized treatment plans, and contributing to the advancement of precision medicine.

Audience engagement will be a key feature of the discussion, with attendees having the opportunity to pose questions and participate in a dialogue that transcends traditional boundaries. By the end of the panel, participants will gain valuable insights into the transformative power of AI in medicine and the collaborative efforts needed to navigate the new frontiers that lie ahead.

“Health Tech Horizons: AI & New Frontiers in Medicine” panel discussion promises to be an enlightening exploration of the limitless possibilities that arise when cutting-edge technology meets the complexities of healthcare. Join us for an insightful journey into the future of medicine, where AI is charting a course towards unprecedented advancements and improved patient outcomes.

Panel Moderator: Murem Sharpe

Panelists: Dr. Hamed Fesharaki, Chris Hermann, and Greg Kolovich with more to be announced soon

Mindset Mastery: Balancing Drive & Wellbeing in Entrepreneurship Panel Discussion

Embarking on the entrepreneurial journey demands more than just business acumen; it requires a resilient mindset that can navigate the delicate balance between unyielding drive and holistic wellbeing, encompassing physical health as well. The panel discussion gathers seasoned entrepreneurs, mental health experts, and thought leaders to explore the critical intersection of ambition, mental wellness, and physical health in the entrepreneurial landscape.

Panelists will share personal anecdotes and professional insights into the challenges and triumphs of maintaining a healthy mindset and physical well-being while pursuing ambitious business goals. They will discuss strategies for managing stress, avoiding burnout, and fostering a culture of comprehensive wellbeing within entrepreneurial endeavors. Attendees can expect to gain practical tips for cultivating resilience, staying focused under pressure, and sustaining creativity amid the demands of a fast-paced business environment.

The conversation will extend beyond individual mental and physical wellbeing to explore how a balanced mindset contributes to the overall success of entrepreneurial ventures. The panel will delve into the correlation between mental health, physical fitness, team dynamics, and innovation, emphasizing the role of a positive and supportive mindset, as well as physical vitality, in fostering a thriving business culture.

Interactive discussion will empower attendees to assess and enhance their own entrepreneurial mindset and physical health, providing actionable takeaways for maintaining a harmonious equilibrium between professional drive and personal wellbeing. From goal-setting strategies to mindfulness techniques and fitness practices, participants will gain insights that can be immediately applied to their entrepreneurial journeys.

Join us as we unravel the secrets of Mindset Mastery and physical wellbeing in entrepreneurship. This panel discussion is not just about achieving success; it’s about ensuring that success is sustainable, fulfilling, and inclusive of both mental and physical health. Discover how to harmonize your ambition with personal wellbeing, and unlock the keys to a resilient and thriving entrepreneurial mindset.

Moderator: LeAndrea Mikell

Panelists: Kristie Calise, Teia Acker Moore, and Robert Price

Sweaty Startups: The Fusion of Tech and Traditional Trades Panel Discussion

In the ever-evolving landscape of entrepreneurship, a new wave of innovation is emerging at the intersection of technology and traditional trades. The panel discussion on “Sweaty Startups” brings together pioneers, tech disruptors, and skilled tradespeople to explore the dynamic fusion of technology and hands-on expertise, creating a synergy that reshapes traditional industries.

Panelists will share their experiences and insights into how technology is transforming traditional trades, from construction and manufacturing to maintenance services. The discussion will focus on the integration of cutting-edge solutions such as automation, artificial intelligence, and data analytics into sectors traditionally characterized by manual labor. Attendees will gain a profound understanding of how technology is enhancing efficiency, safety, and sustainability in these industries.

The conversation will also address the challenges and opportunities inherent in this fusion, exploring how entrepreneurs are navigating the balance between preserving the craftsmanship of traditional trades and leveraging the power of technological advancements. From smart tools to augmented reality applications, the panelists will showcase real-world examples of how these innovations are revolutionizing operations and opening new possibilities for growth.

This discussion will allow attendees to engage with the panelists and gain practical insights into how they can apply technology to enhance their own ventures in traditional trades. Whether you’re a seasoned professional in a traditional trade or a tech enthusiast exploring new avenues, this panel discussion promises to be a source of inspiration and knowledge at the forefront of the Sweaty Startups movement.

Join us for “Sweaty Startups” as we explore the fusion of tech and traditional trades, uncovering the transformative impact on industries that have long been the backbone of our economy. Discover how the sweat of hard work meets the precision of technology in a compelling journey toward innovation and sustainability.

Panelists: Peter Askew, Tersh Blissett, Kristen Ravenel, and Dwayne Stephens

Unzipped: The Future of Fashion Exposed Panel Discussion

In the ever-shifting world of fashion, a multitude of forces are shaping the industry’s trajectory. The panel discussion on “Fashion Futures” brings together thought leaders, industry experts, and visionaries to dissect the key challenges and opportunities currently defining the fashion landscape.

The global geopolitical market, in a state of flux, is creating an environment of uncertainty and unpredictability. Panelists will explore how fashion brands are adapting strategies to navigate through this geopolitical turbulence, ensuring agility and resilience in an ever-changing market.

Addressing environmental concerns, the panel will delve into the imperative of tackling emissions and building resiliency in supply chains. With sustainability at the forefront, the discussion will explore innovative approaches to reduce the fashion industry’s environmental footprint while meeting consumer demands for eco-conscious practices.

As consumers gear up for extensive travel, fashion is set to play a central role in meeting their needs. The panel will scrutinize the challenges and opportunities in this post-pandemic era, where consumers are seeking versatile, travel-friendly fashion.

In the era of healthier lifestyles, the fashion industry is challenged to align with this shift towards more active living. Panelists will discuss how brands can embrace and cater to the evolving needs of consumers who are prioritizing wellness and fitness in their everyday lives.

The panel will also tackle the evolving landscape of influencer partnerships, exploring the need for updates to keep pace with changing consumer preferences. How can brands forge meaningful connections with influencers, ensuring authenticity and effectiveness in an era of heightened consumer discernment?

In the realm of technology, capturing value in Generative AI is a key consideration. The panel will explore the transformative potential of AI in design, production, and customer experiences, discussing how brands can leverage this technology to stay ahead.

Amid the rise of ‘fast fashion,’ staying competitive requires a keen understanding of market dynamics. The panel will unpack strategies for brands to remain agile, innovative, and sustainable in the face of fast-paced industry trends.

Brand marketing’s shift towards emotional connections will also be explored, emphasizing the need for authenticity and relatability in a world where consumers crave genuine brand relationships.

In an era of heightened awareness, new sustainability rules are being implemented, challenging brands to move beyond self-regulation. The discussion will delve into the implications of these regulations on the industry and strategies for compliance.

Lastly, the panel will highlight the increasing importance of transparency and strategic partnerships for suppliers. How can suppliers navigate this landscape and build sustainable, mutually beneficial relationships with fashion brands?

Join us as we unravel the complexities of the fashion industry, exploring how it can navigate geopolitical shifts, embrace sustainability, leverage technology, and build lasting connections with consumers in this transformative era. Be part of the conversation that defines the future of fashion.


Panel Moderator: Jess Belfry


Panelists: Daniette Thomas and Sydney Newsome with more to be announced soon


Women in Breakout Roles Panel Discussion

In the contemporary landscape, women are increasingly stepping into pivotal roles that redefine industries, challenge stereotypes, and inspire change. The panel discussion on “Breaking Boundaries” brings together accomplished women from diverse fields to share their journeys, insights, and strategies for success in breakout roles.

Panelists, representing fields ranging from construction and sports to the arts and sciences, will discuss the evolution of gender roles and the impact of women taking on leadership positions. The conversation will delve into the unique challenges women face in traditionally male-dominated sectors and explore the ways in which they are breaking through barriers to pave the way for future generations.

Attendees can expect to hear personal stories of triumph and resilience, as well as practical advice on navigating career trajectories, fostering inclusivity, and overcoming systemic obstacles. The panel will also address the importance of mentorship, allyship, and the role of organizations in creating environments that empower women to excel in breakout roles.

The discussion will extend beyond individual success stories to explore the broader implications for industries undergoing transformation. From disrupting established norms to driving innovation, women in breakout roles are reshaping the narrative and contributing to more diverse, dynamic, and inclusive professional landscapes.

Interactive elements, such as audience Q&A sessions and networking opportunities, will allow participants to engage directly with the panelists and gain valuable insights into navigating their own career paths. Whether you’re a seasoned professional, an aspiring leader, or simply passionate about the advancement of women in diverse industries, this is an opportunity to be inspired, informed, and connected.

Join us for this empowering panel discussion as we celebrate the remarkable achievements of women in breakout roles, exploring the collective journey towards gender equality and recognizing the transformative impact of diverse leadership across industries.

Panel Moderator: Jess Belfry

Panelists: Jenna Lyn Barzaga, Sarah Beachkofsky-Moore, and Leslie Ott with more to be announced soon