GRIT Panel Discussions

You can’t turn on a television, listen to the radio, or open a newspaper/magazine in print or digital, without hearing about Climate Change. Global warming is causing a climate crisis that is already having dire consequences on our planet: extreme weather events, expanded wildfire seasons, the bleaching of the coral reefs, and harmful pests expanding their territory. And it’s pretty unanimous, it is OUR FAULT - Humans are the leading cause of climate change.
Non-Fungible Tokens or NFTs. Smart Contracts? You’ve seen them on the news, read about them. And NOT necessarily in a good way. With that being said, they offer tremendous opportunity for artists, musicians, independent game & film developers, and even non-profits to transform their business and financial lives. This panel will address what NFTs are, and how they can be used for good - by some early adopters out there getting things done. Crazy High Valuations, followed by dramatic valuation drops. The Crypto Crash. The impact of Crypto Mining and AI Art Computing Power Needs on the Environment. And… their use by people with less than honorable intentions.
It was already difficult enough for restaurants to survive in a tough economy. The post-pandemic fallout has affected every facet of owning a restaurant. From a changing labor pool, to costs, to shrinking profit margins: how do they do it? And more importantly, with stress levels and an all-time high, why do they stay in the game? Local bar and restaurant owners share some of their secrets not only on how they survive, but in some cases, how they thrive in this increasingly difficult marketplace.
Did you know that we've had MULTIPLE Savannah Startups sell businesses for 7-8 figures in the last 2 years. Yup, from idea to sale of their business for multiple millions of dollars. What does it take to grow a company to that point? How do you prepare it for sale? And how do you find buyers? This panel will help answer these questions.
The Metaverse, XR, VR, Augmented Reality, Web3, Blockchain. This panel aims to demystify these technologies by sharing examples of how companies are using these tools in real-world applications, beyond gaming, today. Hear from experts working within healthcare, logistics, manufacturing, and education.
SHE HUSTLES is both an event and a community that offers Savannah's women entrepreneurs and leaders a chance to network, learn, and inspire. We know you can’t get enough of it… so, we are bringing the community together at the GRIT Conference. Join us for a motivational afternoon that highlights female movers and shakers in the Savannah community.
Systemic inequities have long plagued black small business owners and entrepreneurs. Black-owned businesses are still 20 percent less likely than white-owned businesses to obtain a loan from a large bank. And black founders raised just about 0.43% of the nearly $43 billion deployed in Q3 of 2022. COVID only exacerbated things, with more black owned businesses shuttering due to COVID, and less receiving specialized COVID funding. This panel celebrates some of our amazing Savannah HQ’d Black Business Owners/Entrepreneurs with an open dialogue on their businesses, how we can help them and the next generation of black business builders.
Automation is coming to every industry, and nowhere is this more true than in the supply chain and advanced manufacturing, two of our regions’ leading industries. Forward-thinking leaders are already preparing themselves for the new landscape, but it’s important to understand the nature of robotics, AI, and automation in these industries first. This panels brings together local experts in how autonomous vehicles, ai and robotics are changing these industries.
Innovations in interactive media are fostering the convergence of video games, entertainment and film. From story lines, to aesthetics, to mechanics, to funding, to production, so many similarities and yet, so many differences. This panels brings together local experts to discuss how these industries are converging.
It's inevitable to live in Savannah and not hear the term 'Culture.' As one of the most notable hubs in the Southeast, Savannah is known for its diverse culture and various traditions; no matter the race or demographic. Our Culture to Commerce Panel highlights local businesses that have cultivated their communities in countless ways. And as a result, their cultural involvement has grown into commerce.
Digital Marketing is key to getting you and your business found. From personal branding, to getting found on Google, to trying different channels like podcasting, to understanding the data around what’s working and what’s not, this panel will help you plan, prioritize and implement your digital marketing plan for 2023.
Meet a panel of experts, running programs and teaching kids in Savannah these valuable skills.