About The GRIT Conference

In January of 2023, the Creative Coast will host its Inaugural GRIT Conference. Prior to this, the Creative Coast held 10 Geekend Conferences with the last being in 2019. Then, Covid hit and…
At the 2019 event, we launched the new brand “GRIT.” Savannah doesn’t have a lot of “GEEKS.” But, if you are an entrepreneur, a techie, a gamer, or a creative and you are making it work in Savannah, you’ve got GRIT!
This conference is about bringing together the entrepreneurs, techies, gamers, and creatives in the region…or perhaps, just those who are intellectually curious about how technology, innovation, and creativity are changing our region and the world at large- Hidden gems style.
In January 2023, we expect 300+ people to gather at this year’s GRIT Conference. Topics are as far-ranging as NFTs, Metaverse, Game Development, Autonomous Vehicles, Local Businesses Going “Green”, and more.
Stay tuned to our website and follow us on social media (@gritconference). Every week we’ll launch new speakers, startups, and cool stuff!